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Haiku about the weather
by Joel Hammond-Turner

This is a rolling haiku that should evocatively describe the weather and environment thoughout the year. The original suggestion was a haiku about the weather on the slopes of Mount Fuji - but  we are now making this open to a haiku about the weather anywhere.

The standard haiku format is a triplet of lines containing five, seven, and five syllables per line.


Title: January Blues
Author: Cherry Lyons

Grey, wet, winter sky.
Dreary, weary, depressing.
Two more months follow.

Title: Snow on the Hills
Author: Peter Philips

Thick fluffy blanket
Exclusive footsteps design
Limited supply

Title: Woodland walk
Author: Robert Johns

Bright powder blue sky
Ice capped silver birch trees
Shimmer resplendent.

Title: Wild Storms
Author: Geraldine Harper

Pummeled, savaged, floored.
Raging, heartless, relentless.
Wild storms conquer all. 

Title: Winter Morning
Author: Tom Williams

Frost laced countryside.
Crystal skies, sparkling sunshine.
Snowdrops peeping through.

Title: Gloom with no view
Author: Pamela Lloyd

Dirty, lazy sky.
Suffocating gloominess.
S.A.D. time of year.

Title: Grimy Commute
Author: Geraldine Harper

Wearisome journey.
Damp, drizzly, miserable.
Van doors read "WASH ME".

Title: New Horizon
Author: Peter Philips

Look up to pleated,
sun-streaked clouds. Look down to green,
luminous Spring shoots.

Title: Interlude
Author: Rachel Sadler

Cutting winter's gloom
our spirits are lifted by
scented Spring flowers.

Title: Mellow Yellow
Author: Geraldine Harper

Strolling in the sun
by carpets of Spring flowers;
Smiling comes easy.

Title: Sunny Day; Frosty Night
Author: Peter Philips

Crisp twilight sparkle;
the sky throws on its winter
cloak. The air soon chills.

Title: Weather Forlorn
Author: Frances Rivers

Friday's rush-hour rain
contributes to long delays
'Weather' planned or not!

Title: February Flurries
Author: Rebecca Adams

Soon here. Soon gone. Snow
flurries blow in from the East
but do not linger.

Title: Gotcha!
Author: Gilly Lees

Snow slipping from tree
branches covers doomed walkers.
Hear their surprised shrieks!

Title: More than a drop of snow.
Author: Peter Philips

Snow flattens snowdrops.
Perpetual heavy falls
wipe out their namesake.

Title: Spring Treat
Author: Peter Philips

Soft, gentle, Spring air
Faces skyward as we walk.
This is more like it!

Title: Spring Salutation
Author: Mike Wallace

Spring, the most welcome
Season; fresh with bright colours.
Smile, Spring sunshine, smile.

Title: Cloud Aversion.
Author: Geraldine Harper

Monotony grey
Sets the scence for this dull day.
Cocktails are called for.

Title: Vernal Equinox - U.K.
Author: Girls Talk

West was best today.
Twenty degrees there. Ten here.
East lost out big time.

Title: Good Friday
Author: Maria Pertio

I can taste the air.
Scented, warm, full of promise.
Easter of rebirth.

Title: Spring Bank Holiday Washout
Author: Peter Philips

Indoor games only.
Typical British weather.
Not unexpected!

Title: Spring out of it!
Author: Andrea Lee

Wake up, sullen Spring!
This grim, grey haze depresses.
Where's your sunny smile?

Title: Singing in the Rain
Author: Girls Talk

Song bird sonata.
Nest building, as it pours down.
The show must go on.

Title: The Mating Season
Author: Tom Barnes

Seventeen degrees.
Sun! Bare midriffs, low cut tops.
White flesh on display.

Title: Wintry April Showers
Author: Girls Talk

Fickle April skies
Spring one day; winter the next.
Today's a mixed bag!

Title: Sunny Weather Map
Author: Peter Philips

Lucky British Isles.
Widespread sunshine forecast. Nice
to see such icons. 

Author: Rebecca Adams

Spring blossom carpets
the leafy lane to the church.
Nature ignores rules!

Title: Storms
Author: Richard Friday

Grey sky threat'ning
Thunder and lightning crashing
Dog hides under the table

Title: Apply the Sky
Author: Elizabeth Wiliams

Photograph this sky.
Reproduce it on canvas.
Mystical vista.

Title: Bank Holiday Rainday
Author: Louise Burns

Weather forecasters
got it wrong AGAIN. Picnic
packed but rains stops feast.

Title: May Morning
Author: Kitty Monroe

Sweet bluebell perfume
Footprints in damp, lush green, grass.
Sunshine and showers.

Title: Fields Fly By
Author: Jinny Rider

Vibrant yellow. All
Shades of luscious green. Verdant.
Washed by overnight rain

Title: Serious Rain
Author: Geraldine Harper

May's Heavens opened
Our light umbrellas useless
against such a deluge

Title: DisMay
Author: Rupert King

I remember Mays.
Sunny skies and balmy haze.
Oh to have those days.

Title: Perfumed Air
Author: Carly Baker

Seven weeks of blue.
Fragrant seeded bells swaying
in the soft Spring breeze.

Title: Open top opportunity
Author: Rebecca Adams

Cabriolets drive
out today.  Baseball capped hair,
sunspecs, and BIG smiles.

Title: Chilled Out?
Author: Geraldine Harper

Was that Summer then?
Mid June, and too cold outside.
Extra clothes needed!

Title: Rain Mates
Author: Girls Talk

Drenched Royal Ascot
Posh hats and frocks, but so dull,
How disappointing.

Title: Bad Head Day
Author: Tanya Withers

Heavy, heady, day.
Bland, silver grey, thoughtless sky.
Bad migraine weather.

Title: Sun ... and bare it!
Author: Peter Philips

Thirty four degrees!
We Brits, unwisely, undressed.
Red and white striped skin.

Title: Night Fever
Author: Geraldine Harper

Humid, muggy nights.
Sweaty bodies can't keep cool.
We're not used to it!

Title: Sweet Spell
Author: Carly Baker

Mid -Summer magic
Sweet honeysuckle perfume
Carried by warm air.

Title: Baritone Moonlight
Author: Peter Philips

June moon illusion.
Full and horizon hugging.
Reach out and touch it!

Title: Rain doesn't stop play
Author: Geraldine Harper

Glastonbury rain.
Predictable festival
weather. Wear wellies!

Title: Glorious Glastonbury
Author: Geraldine Harper

Almost a wash out.
Steaming, mud streaked tents soon dry.
Sunshine, after rain.

Title: The Lull
Author: Peter Philips

Ghostly, empty sky.
Maybe there's a storm brewing.
Leaves wave nervously.

Title: Minus and Plus
Author: Girls Talk

Wow, what a scorcher!
Beetroot faces. Heavy legs.
Perfect Pimms weather.

Title: August
Author: Geraldine Harper

Sultry summer days
Nice! We could get used to this.
Keep up the good sun.

Title: Cold Heat
Author: Geraldine Harper

Ice cold, but the sea
still bubbles, lava topped waves
shimmer in the sun.

Title: Perfect for Picnics
Author: Peter Philips

September glory.
Soft, warm, air. Golden promise.
Ambience perfect.

Title: Autumn Evening
Author: Girls Talk

Neap tides by new moon
reveal shiny clean soft sand
bordered by frayed shells.

Title: Magical Retreat
Author: Maria Pertio

Skylight jewelled sky
Window on  dreams. Wave swept sand.
Day breaks to soft rain.

Title: Wet, Wet, Wet
Author: Geraldine Harper

Octobers' grey rain
Autumn has caught up with us.
Green to brown in one.

Title: November by Sea
Author: Julie Elliott

The sun lights the sea
Diamonds dancing, calling
as waves ebb and flow.

Title: Leaves of Autumn
Author: Karen Burris

Gold and red and brown
Autumn is here already
Falling on the ground.

Title: Winter in the South
Author: Karen Burris

Rain falls on cold earth.
Dampness is felt in your bones.
Sunshine tomorrow.

Title: Rain Follows Sun
Author: Geraldine Harper

Nasty day today.
We get seduced my nice ones.
Damp air smells good though.

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