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My favourite subject at School
by writebuzz Schools

Please write a few lines about your favourite subject at School, telling everyone what you like about it.
Why not mention your school's name, and your country?
Readers all over the world will be interested in what you have to say.

This 'plot' is available to all channels, so Adults, and Elders, please feel free to reminisce too.

Have fun!


Title: Emma's favourite subjects
Author: Emma Mitchell

I enjoy English, especially composing poetry and stories, et je t'aime French aussi. We have only just started studying French this year and we are learning lots of new words just now. Speaking French phrases is fun. I will like it even more when I can write it. too. Next year we will be starting French conversation which I think will be difficult. It is much better if you can visit the country and hear people speaking.  

I am eleven years old and live in Surrey in England.

Title: Tanya's favourites
Author: Tanya Lamb

O.K. I know it's strange, but I like Maths.
The reason being is that you either get it right or you get it wrong.
In other subjects it's just about impossible to get 10/10, but not in Maths. In Maths you can get 100% and it sure feels good! Algebra, trigonometry, geometry; you name it - I like it.

The only problem is that I don't want to be a Maths teacher or an accountant , so I'm not sure that Maths is much use to me?

Title: Damak's favourites
Author: Damak Wallace

I am fourteen years old, and live in Scotland, Great Britain.

I am not sure that favourite is the term that I would give to any subject at School, but some aren't quite as bad as others. :-)

I think history is quite interesting, especially when you think of things of today that will become history tomorrow. It would be excellent  to read about yourself in years to come.

I also like language, and literature.  Writing anything is brave, as finding the right words and not making things too lengthy or over-descriptive, for the sake of it, is a challenge. I don't think people realise this when they read books. I would imagine that to be a good author is really hard work.

Title: My fave school subject
Author: Hannah Dawson

My name's Hannah Dawson. I live in Sheffield. I'm 12 years old and in Y7 at comprehensive school.

I really like English and I love art. I guess I just like being creative.

I want to be some kind of writer or designer when I'm older.

Title: Maths
Author: Laura Bentley

Maths is good
Because numbers add up.
If you're good at sums
You can impress your chums.
If you get everything right 
Then it's " ten out of ten".
Not like other subjects
When it's always "not quite".
Calculating is a useful skill
You could go on to Uni
Or work behind a till.

Title: Sums
Author: Cheryl-Anne J

Girls and boys, if reading this
I hope you'll join this class.
I'm thirty nine, but in my time
I took no note of maths.

Please be advised it's rather wise
to learn to do your sums,
and makes a lot more sense indeed
than resting on your bums.

If you don't learn to add things up
and do your own divisions,
you'll just end up in grotty jobs,
the subjects of derision.

Even worse, if self employment
is one of your predilections,
you'll end up being scrutinised
in nasty tax inspections.

Title: Food for thought
Author: Jack Sprat

It’s not that classes were a bore,

it’s just that physics was a chore,

maths and sports just weren’t my thing,

I liked home economics as I’d bring food in!

Title: Laura's Subject
Author: Laura Watson

I love to write

its such fun

especially when

i'm feeling glum.

I love to act

when i'm at school

Drama's comedies

their all so cool

I love to sing

in music class

and trying new things

like playing trumpets of brass.

I love to cook

with such grace

too bad my cooking

explodes in my face

I love sport

it's refreshing and fun

if only the ball

wouldn't hurt you're bum

I love Art

it's fun to play

with paints and materials

and with nice and dirty clay

I love history

it's interesting you see

theres murders and wars

which could of been me!

I love worksheets

their so much easier to do

but not when you stick them in

with very sticky glue!

Title: Drama
Author: Sascha Nymes

I liked drama, fun but scary.
At Christmas, I shone, as Mary.
In our panto, I played the fairy.
I tried to pull out all the stops,
but never made it to the top,
so found myself a role in props!

Title: Playing fool.
Author: Jan Miklaszewicz

My favourite subject at school

was to smoke by the sheds and play fool.

While my friends have gone far,

I've no job and no car.

And I hang round the bars playing pool.

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