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Poetry and Observation: Me
by Nigel James Wilson

The Art of My Poetry and Observation

This is a fun word game that I have invented for and about ourselves – Called Me - that we can all play by using our own name’s letters, (as you will no doubt know yourself the best), but be honest and descriptive, but never too humble!

Here I have started off with a negative trait followed by a positive trait and then with a final positively neutral flourish at the end to sum myself up.

Reading vertically down the left hand side should be your full name.


Niggardly, Nice, Naughty, Noble, Nob,

Independent, Insensitive, Inscrutable, Insane, Instigator,

Greedy, Generous, Grumpy, Great, Grudger,

Evocative, Easy (too), Endearing, Evil, Earnest,

Loyal (too), Lithe, Long, Laidback, Lickerish,

Jocose, Jilted, Jammy, Jealous, Jim,

Anxious, Ambler, Arsed (can’t be), Able, Attitude,

Mild, Mad, Mannered, Messy, Master,

Emotional, Energy, Eccentric, Earthy, Egregious,

Sensitive, Sod, Sexy, Shit, Sizeable (6ft, 150mm),

Whiner, Winner, Whittler, Warm, Worrier,

Instrumental, idiotic, instinctive, indifferent, Intuitive,

Lazy, Lean, Lonesome, laughter, laconic,

Singer, Sorry, Stable, Saturnine, Strong,

Obstinate, Objective, Ogrish, ‘Olympian’, Obsessive, 

Northerner, Nonchalant, Necessary, Nocturnal, Neutral coloured livewire. 

                                                                                                                  ~ N.J.W.


Title: Me
Author: Hugh Hazelton


H Heroic. (Definitely! - albeit in a 'Boy's Own Annual 1928' kind of way.)

U Unique. (We're each and every one of us that of course, but being the only child of two parents who positively hated each other's guts tended at the time to make one feel a little more so.)

G Gullible. (Well I certainly tripped up and went sprawling on this site yesterday!)

H Handsome. (Mrs Hazelton grudgingly acknowledges that she did think so for the first couple of hours on the day we met in 1976. Should explain though, she was only 15 at the time.)

H Healthy. (Been lucky so far: And can still walk 20+ miles in a day carrying full back pack.)

A Arcane. (If there's one thing I'll never do, it's divulge secrets about myself on a web site.)

Z Zealous. (No, I did not search the back pages of the dictionary!)

E Eccentric. (Could write a treatise here: Understand heraldry, and can tell a Cross-Crosslet Fitchy from a Wyvern Gules Inescutcheon at forty paces even in the rain: Can both read and write ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics: Will have only hot milk on Cornflakes: Am very particular about correct grammatical use of 'only' in sentence construction: Operate the curtains at pantomimes: Also, the Hazelton household currently owns two identical small cars. How long do you have ...)

L Lucky. (Not really, except that long, long ago had a two year relationship with an impossibly attractive student nurse (see DL 1855 – 'Another Night') who was so far above my league as to be disbelieved. Once at a Hospital Ball a junior doctor came up and informed me that I was, and I quote: “A lucky, lucky bastard ...”)

T Tall. (Six foot one: Once knew a (different) girl who was six foot two and a quarter: Yet she still drove an M.G. Midget, and had a boyfriend five foot nine?)

O Obnoxious. (Though normally polite and courteous, if provoked certainly have the capacity: Also have a pathological hatred of 'mini-motor' motorcycles, Celebrity Big Brother (Jodi Marsh should not have been the first out!) people who wear baseball caps back to front, people who wear them the right way round, men with earrings, women with nose rings, 'wimmin', glottal stop English speakers, designer condoms, individual butter portions, beggars, buskers, buggers, lager louts, super models, George Bush, the Channel Tunnel, Euros, fox hunting, Atomic Kitten, three wheelers, local government officers.)

N Nephilym! (The monstrous offspring of mating between Angels and Mortals. Haven't you ever watched Hex, or played Tomb Raider VI? It's all explained.)

Title: Me.
Author: Jan Miklaszewicz

Jealous, jaded, just.

Acerbic, able, anti.

N  Not never neutral.

Malicious, mighty, male.

I  Idiotic, insightful.

Kruel (okay so I cheated - who the fuck wants to be a Koala?), kind.

Lustful, loved, loyal.

A  Awkward, artistic, addictive.

S  Slow to anger, silent (often), shit-faced (last night).

Z  Zombie hater (boring, hungry, re-animated dick heads).

E  Egotistical, enduring, energetic.

Whistful, wonderful.

Icy, impossible.

Churlish, childish, charming.

Zabaglione (don't ask me why but you got to admit it's a lovely word).

Title: Another Me
Author: Carl Glover

C  Cumbersome, crafty, cool
A  Average, artful, amorous
R  Rogue, racounter
L  Lout, liar, lover

G  Green, grizzly, generous, gentle
L  Large, latent, lazy, lion
O  Overweight, overrated
V  Vague, velvet
E  Earthy, easygoing
R  Rude, racy.

Title: Me and then Me again
Author: Candy Cole

C- cunning -( when need be), careless- ( all the time), crude- (at times)

A- annoying- (at times), Angry -(sometimes)

N- naughty- (its fun), nice- (when I want something),

D- devil- (alot), dangerous- ( to myself),

Y- yearning- ( always wanting to do better), young- ( at heart)

C- caring- ( always helping others), courtious- ( to everyone),

O- ooooh- ( boy, this is a hard one :)

L- love- ( my family), lost- ( at times, am a blonde..LoL ), lazy- ( never)

E- engaged- ( in most activitys), easy- ( dont push it..lol), eager- ( to learn alot)

This was fun, thank you....hugs

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