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And the problem is ...
by Tanya Withers

I've just published a poem, called 'Problem Sorted', in the mini-saga plot, and wondered if you guys would like to join in? You just need to add a second line. 

And the problem is ….
Spit it out.  I just can't wait. The problem is me, I anticipate.

Title: And the problem is ....
Author: Carolyn Peters

Come on, trot it out. You're so Lesley Ash, with that super-sized pout.

Title: You.
Author: Jan Miklaszewicz

I cannot lie. It is thou, thou, thou - you talk such shite you boring cow.

Title: You,
Author: Candy Cole

Let me here what you have to say, remember, letting it out brings about a better day.

Title: Them
Author: Tanya Withers

They're so dull and so dreary. Malls full of shoppers, it's making me weary.

Title: You again.
Author: Jan Miklaszewicz

If music is the food of love then you're a one man band. Tone deaf, glass eye, wooden leg, and amputated hand.

Title: Us
Author: Marjorie Dobbs

We're none of us perfect. You with amputated hand, she with a limp, he with some hidden disability.... A few 'amputated' brain cells, perhaps? Who is to say I am any different? Is that the problem? Whose problem is it anyway?

Title: Cash!
Author: Carl Glover

If your pockets are empty. Plastic's fantastic but I much prefer twenties.

Title: Drink..
Author: Carl Glover

...If you can't stand, put down you glass, and steady your hand.

Title: Gin.
Author: Jason Minty

If you drink it neat, you can stand on your head, and still not see your feet.

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