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Changing The Story
by Hugh Hazelton

The plot thickens idea is to set up a thread entitled 'Changing the Story' whereby an author puts out a cameo sequence from a story (or poem or whatever) of theirs which has already been published on the site, then invites other members to develop it along different lines and direction from the original. Point is, it is not a case of just quoting a bit from a story you've already published, but rather re-writing a cameo or sequence or particular event taken out of a previously published plot, and re-telling it from a different view point or by a different viewpoint character to the original.

To better illustrate please see the first entry below, a re-written and new viewpoint cameo from my story 'The Lodger, The Wrestler, Her Mum and The Tonypandy Cupboard' which was published on Writebuzz - gaining quite good reviews - some months ago. As I say this is not just a chunk taken out of the original, but is a changed viewpoint perspective of an incident that takes place in the story. Thus it could then be developed by others along a different path and with a different conclusion perhaps to the original.

Title: Cameo to illustrate Plot Thickens idea 'Changing the Story'
Author: Hugh Hazelton

This is a re-written and re-viewpointed cameo sequence from my previously site published story 'The Lodger, The Wrestler, Her Mum and The Tonypandy Cupboard'.

'The baying of the five hundred plus audience Chris's ears were deaf to: The object of his concern, his desires, his hopes, was standing right there in front of him. 6' 4” and 16 stone of solid muscle. Amy Benson, aka champion lady wrestler 'The Mighty Amazon'. Barely four feet away in her fake leopard skin boots and matching sleeveless body suit with face mask Chris knew, just knew with a certainty that he couldn't explain even to himself, that she was the girl for him and that theirs really would be a match made in heaven. But how to convince her of that! He'd been trying to get her to speak to him for weeks now, ever since quite by chance he'd seen her in action in the ring up in Doncaster. He'd followed her here, and in the little terraced lodging house had dreamed of her nightly. But attempted approaches in person, flowers, chocolates, letters, poems even, had thus far failed completely. So now this act of desperation to convince her of his sincerity. Stepping up as a challenger in a two quid for three rounds wrestling bout in a tent at a fairground.

Standing five foot nine, and weighing little more than nine stone, to fight 'The Mighty Amazon' ...

“So if I go the full three rounds with you would you come out with me then?” He'd managed somehow to get the words out into Derek the M.C.'s microphone. Arms folded casually across her substantial bosom Amazon looked impassively down at him from a seven inch height superiority. To his great regret he couldn't see her eyes behind the leopard mask. The crowd were all laughing and cheering away. Chris could hear, though he wasn't wishing to, her fans - many of them young women -starting up with their familiar chant once more. “Amazon! ... Amazon! ... Amazon ...!”

Only her mouth and the lower part of her face was visible beneath the bottom edge of the fabric mask. Behind, her long blonde hair was tied back in a simple pony tail. He wished he could just reach up on tip-toe and kiss that mouth. But he understood too the need for proving himself to her first. This was to be his make or break chance.

As they made their way back to their corners to await the bell to signal the start of round one Chris prayed like he'd never prayed for anything in his life before that what was undoubtedly about to happen to him over the next fifteen minutes would in the end be ultimately worth it ...'

Title: You don't mean you're actually going to carry this forward, do you?
Author: Hugh Hazelton

No, this idea never caught on somehow ...

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