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Animal Antics
by writebuzz schools

This plot challenges you to write a four line verse about animals, bird or reptiles. The subject(s) concerned should be named in your composition.

Ollie, a big barn owl,
landed on our lawn.
It was early in the morning
and we're sure we saw him yawn.

Title: Purr-fect play time
Author: writebuzz schools

Young Spike and Rosey
love sweet-scented flowers
They knock them on to the floor
then play with them for hours.

Title: Stanely
Author: Karen Burris

Stanley the Tortoise
moves with prehistoric feet
leaving a path in dirt
distinquishable and neat

Title: Humming Birds
Author: Karen Burris

Awful cocky to be so tiny
zooming here and there
fighting like dive bombers
buzzing in the air.

Title: The Dove
Author: Karen Burris

The Dove you know mates for life
and they make a lovely pair
husband gently feeds his wfe
then picks mites from her hair.

Title: The Deer
Author: Karen Burris

The deer stand so timid
listening for a sound
eating corn from trough
and looking all around

Title: The Guard Dog
Author: Brighton College Prep School

Tim the guard dog

Is a little dim

When a robber comes

He just lets them in.

Title: Sid The Crocodile
Author: Brighton College Prep School

Sid the crocodile,

Lives in the river Nile,

His favourite food is fish,

And he likes it on a dish

Title: The Bird In My Garden
Author: Brighton College Prep School

There is a bird in my garden

I wanted to name Exotica

But mum thought that was to silly

So we named her Monica

Title: Jocky the fluffy dog
Author: Brighton College Prep School

Jocky is our dog,

small, grey and smiley,

he sleeps like a log,

and he is very lively.

Title: The Thing In The Shadows
Author: Brighton College Prep School

One day I saw something move

Down under the tree's shadows

I found out it was a deer

Grazing in the medows

Title: The Parrot
Author: Brighton College Prep School

There is a parrot on our pirate ship,

I thought about it well then named him chip,

He flys up the rigging then back down again,

Flapping his wings like a mad hen.

Title: Mark the chimpanzee
Author: Brighton College Prep School

This is mark my chimpanzee

he lives in a bungalow just with me

his favourite food is carrot pie

he also thinks that he can fly!

Title: Horace the Hamster.
Author: jonny graham

Horace the hamster was a bit of a gangster,
who liked to hide the food he would steal.
Now he's doing six months locked in his cage,
going round and round on his wheel.

Title: Gregory the Mule.
Author: jonny graham

Gregory the mule slept in late for school,
so he ran through the streets all the way.
When he arrived there was nobody there,
because school's shut on Saturday.

Title: Hugh the gnu.
Author: jonny graham

Hugh the gnu was in a bit of a stew
and didn't know what to think.
While washing the pots he sneezed quite a lot
and blew his brains right down the sink.

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