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Source: Youngsters, Adults

Author: Laura Watson

Title: One of a Crowd - Chapter 33 - The End

                   Chapter 33 – Surprise at the end of every tunnel

 There standing in Genie’s door way was my mum and dad!

“Karen!” they cried running up to me. We now saw that all of our parents stood in the doorway.

“W-W-What are you doing here?” I stammered.

“Coming for you honey!” they both cried. By now everyone else’s mum’s and dad’s had run to their side.

“We’ve been so worried!” I heard Gina’s mum say.

I smiled tears running down my face.

“Thank you lord!” my dad chanted hugging me to death.

I caught a glimpse of Genie hugging her mum even though she never lost her. I walked up to her.

“D-D-Did you call them?” I asked.

“No, I swear” she swore looking at the others for help.

“No honey!” My mum said “We got you’re letter and we just asked the postman were it cam from and he told us Brazil! We were so shocked dad nearly had a heart attack!”

“I’m sorry I cried and hugged my dad. His beard pickled my cheek. It felt like he hadn’t shaved since I left. Then I hugged my mum. We were all crying.

“Well you had a holiday!” Dad joked. He thanked Genie and my mum for looking after me. I thanked Genie for being such a great friend and hugged her with all my might. Tears were streaming down my face. I hugged the Nicole, Maya, Sophie and Gina and we said goodbye again and went home. When I was walking to the car that day I heard Genie tell her mum the whole story. I got in the car and we drove away. As she faded away I could still she her wink at me with her angel eyes and from that day we were all friends forever.


I thought I might tell you what effects this amazing journey has done. Maya is now a singer in show business after finding her joy for singing at our big band in Genie’s tree house. Gina is a model for travel wear, which is a big surprise (literally.) Sophie is a weather reporter and study’s rainforests. Nicole went back to Brazil to study the wild life and conquered her fear of ants. From the last time I heard from Genie she went of a boarding school of dance to live up her dream. And me? I got a job as a hair dresser in a beauticians shop before I got promoted as a head of hair styles so now I make the hair style, teach it to the staff and place them in a big book ready for customers. But that’s not all I do.  Also write stories. Children’s stories. But my most successful story was my story.


The End

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