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Source: Youngsters, Adults

Author: Laura Watson

Title: Best Friends Forever Part 5

Chapter 15 – Evan’s fault?

I had a lot of questions and I was expecting a lot of answers. I wheeled as fast as I could to Evan’s house and pounded my fist of the door. Evan answered.

“What do you think you’re doing????” I yelled right in his face.

“What?” he asked.

“Do you like collect them up in a little book and then compare us or was this all just a sick joke?” I screamed.

“What are you talking about?” he cried.

“You kissed Leah and then me. Erica saw you kiss Leah and then ran away” I said bitterly.

“Leah was a mistake. She went for me.” He explained.

“What about me? Was I a mistake? Did I ‘go’ for you???” I yelled.

“No, I swear, ask her! Ask Leah!” He pleaded as I wheeled down the street. “Believe me!” he called after me.

I couldn’t until I heard Leah’s side to the story then I could be sure. Leah’s house was just a few doors next to mine.  I rang the door bell and waited. Leah answered the door finally and cried “Thank god!”

“What?” I cried.

“I need someone to talk to” she answered and pushed me inside. She gave me a big hug and asked me to keep a secret.

“Of course!” I answered astonished on how she was reacting.

“It’s my entire fault. Erica’s dead because of me. We had a huge fight because she caught me kissing Evan which we weren’t. I mean we it didn’t mean anything. He told me he liked you so I told Erica and then we had a huge argument which broke into a cat fight and then crying she ran out the house and the same night was missing. It’s all my fault.” She gasped panicking. “She’s there everywhere I turn. She’s haunting me!”

She burst into a fit of tears.

“Hey!” I whispered “Erica is doing that? Can you not remember her?” She sat and wondered thoughtfully.

“Erica would do nothing like that! She was a sweet girl who goes around making people things and raising the most money in a charity fund. And wherever she is I know she’s watching us. But not haunting. Watching our back.” The funeral was on Wednesday so we both went out and bought a couple of black dresses. When I got back home I felt so relieved. It wasn’t my fault she was dead it wasn’t anyone’s, except the killer. Erin told me to tell the police but I wasn’t sure. With my illness they’d think I was crazy. I printed it off and called Erin to ask if she’d come with me, she said yes and the problem was off my mind in a dreamless sleep. Erica’s murder was almost revealed….

                                     Chapter 16 – The police

My throat was sore the next morning but still wasn’t about to change my mind about the police. Erin was coming at 11:00am so I quickly struggled to get on my wheelchair beside the bed. It was even harder getting my jeans on! But I did it just as Erin arrived. She brushed my hair for me and put it in two plates. Then we both went out the house and started our way to the police station. I asked Erin if she would tell them that Erica emailed her and she finally agreed. When we got into the police station Erin walked up to the desk and told them she had information about a murder. The receptionist told us to sit down and wait while he looked for the detective. When he came back a fat old man was with him wearing a big black coat and red top underneath. He was quite surprised when he saw it was a couple of 12 year olds. He led us into a room with a huge mirror. I knew there were people behind it. I past the man the email copy and he read it silently.

“Who found this?” he boomed.

“I did, sir” Erin answered. “It show evidence that Erica was killed at the other side of the woods and it wasn’t an animal killing. It says she ran away and got lost. She panicked and ran out of the woods and found some houses. She asked if she could use there computer to send an email. The man let her in the house and then wouldn’t let her go.” Erin continued.

“What’s this mean?” he asked pointing to the last jumble of letters and the bottom.

“I think then she was attacking from behind” I whispered.

The man thought for a minute and then thanked us and asked us to leave. We went out silently. We saw Evan on his bike on the way home but he ignored us and carried on riding.

“Traitor” she whispered and pushed me away from him.

When we got back home I showed her my new dress and said it was gorgeous and then we started talking.

“I hate Evan” she cried, “It’s all his fault. He probably kissed Savannah on propose. I wouldn’t kiss him even if you paid me. Would you?”

“erm… No” I answered feeling ashamed. She carried on saying all horrible things about him and calling him a traitor.

“It’s not all his fault!” I blurted out. “Savannah kissed him”

“What?” she asked astonished.

“It’s true” I cried. “She had moment of weakness and kissed him. Erica saw them and ran away. He told Savannah he loved me and she told Erica and then she disappeared. See! It’s my fault!” I screamed.

“Then why didn’t anyone tell me?” she asked disappointed and guilty. “I don’t know! I don’t think its fair for me to tell you because it only makes my twice as sick!!!” I yelled.

“I’m so sorry!” she cried and wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach but just ignored it. Tomorrow was Erica’s Funeral. I had to be strong if I wanted to be well enough to go…

                                 Chapter 17 – Goodbye Erica!

I sat at the back of the church. And listened to the vicars words. A glistening tear ran down my cheek as I stared at the coffin with daisies and violets spelling out the name ERICA. I didn’t see any one much inside. We stood up and sang: Angel by Sarah McLachlan and Amazing Grace. I did stay strong. We went outside and talked to the other people. There was Erica’s mum and dad as well her twin sisters Lola and Lily and her brother Logan. All her family was there and all our mum’s, dad’s and sisters and brothers were there too. I saw Evan. He was dressed in a white suit and a tear fell from his face to the floor. She was cremated and her ashes were let loose in the air on the cliff of the beach. People were crying violently. I didn’t. I noticed that my fingers were unable to move. I then knew my illness was getting worst. I couldn’t put my flowers down so I gave them to her mum. White lilies. By the next day my whole arm couldn’t move. I went round to Evan’s and knocked on the door with my only movable hand. Evan answered.

“What?” He said bitterly.

“I’m sorry” I whispered. “I was wrong to despair”

“So Savannah told you?” he asked.


“So the only reason you trust me is because someone else told you to?”

He glared at me angrily. I avoided his eyes and continued.

“Evan, I don’t have very long. For pity’s sake can we not just make up before I go?”

“What’s happened now” he asked cooling down a bit.

“It’s spreading. I won’t last long” I said sadly. He held my hand.

“You will get past this. What about the money?” he asked desperately.

“It’s not enough” I cried.

“We’re like $300,000 off we’ve been round this whole area 6 times had 3 fun raisers and still nothing. The hospital donated, my family donated, the whole town donated!” I protested. “Anyway I just want to say sorry” I wheeled away back home and finished the rest of my good luck charms. One for Leah with a microphone on it, one for Erin with a smiley face on it and one for Erica’s grave with a flower on it. I placed it on her grave and put the rest in little envelopes and put them in my drawer. I felt really hopeless. After 4 more days I lost all movement below my head. Mum had to feed me and dress me. I felt like a baby. I forgot the light of sunshine. I was trapped in my room all day and all night. I couldn’t feel anything. Until one day my mum bought me a letter. She opened it up in front of me. She bought out a bundle of money. $300,000! My heart beating so hard it bashed against my ribs. Love Evan it said at the bottom. I cried for the first time since Erica was buried. Blood ran through my lips I was so shocked. I puked up most of my blood in my body. My mum raced me down to the hospital over- joyed that this miracle had come.

                                      Chapter 18 - Operation

I was placed in the operation room. The money was handed to the doctors and I was going to get my operation at last.

“Get Evan!” I choked to my dad and he did. He ran as fast as I ever saw him run. Five minutes later Evan was in the hospital watching out a window with his mum.

“Thank you” I mouthed to him and was sent to sleep for the operation…

Hi this is Evan. I’m continuing the story for Zoë. And while I am I’d just like to say I sorry for I may have caused. I just wanted to help Zoë. We were in the hospital 5 hours waiting for her. I watched her every second of the way praying it would work. Three hours ago Zoë’s mum went into labour and her dad was with her so I had to be there in case she woke up. Zoë’s dad came in and started screaming it’s a girl a beautiful little girl! Curious over the fuss I looked away for one second. Suddenly I heard a low echoing beeping sound and millions of doctors and nurses run round her.

“Zoë?” I cried “ZOE!”

I was dragged out of the room into the hall away from her. My parents held me back. As I was dragged way I heard one of those electric shocker things shoot. Crying I ran into the hall tensely and waited. We were sent to another room and a doctor came in. “Zoë was very sick” he stared. I was speechless. This couldn’t happen to me! “There’s no easy way of telling you this but Zoë died 5 minutes ago.

“NO!” I screamed and pushed past him and into the operation room. And there she was. She looked asleep. So peaceful, so beautiful. Her blonde hair lay beneath her. Her skin was still pink and lips still ruby red. Her cheek was still warm and I clung tightly to her hand. She was gone. Out of her misery. With Erica now. I kissed her cheek and walked out of the hospital and walked home as alone and sad as I was. I’d lost my only love and I was sure I’d never find her again.

I’m back. This is Zoë. I’ve just been to my own funeral. Would you believe it? Everyone was sad and sang prayers. I found Erica! We’re totally best friends now. The best news is I can move again. I’m so happy. I want you to know this. Dying might seem the worst thing ever but really it’s a new life. A fresh new start! The roads are as white as silk and you can do anything you want. The sky is blue and the ground is golden. Every one is happy. Only I miss Evan but maybe some day we will be brought back together. I also heard I have a new sister I would have loved to see her and I will keep my promise that I will look after her forever. Her name is like a chorus of singing birds:     Elizabeth Zoë Star Gates  


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