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This poem was written for the four year old boy I have the current honour of sharing hours with.
Peace to you all.

1,146 peaks of Piranese

Blue lipped muse one day your own marks may

do better cleaner purer than my

vain search for syllables

never sentiment sugar free enough,

Sweetest angelos delight

landing departing round awed alien eyes blessed bestest blissed out cat flickers

of a universe far ... far from swollen sands and Berber tents

a leaf of love purple potent tunnels pushing blood pushing existence through

shimmered shema kissed skin

leaf vein

supporting awe struck tentatively enfolding

a drop

an oceans story Poland’s pine grooves falling cool

so blue

transparent blue white stalagmites

to tributaries calling begging

jostling each other on sky high maps

join us join me


within the tributaries warmth

pending tributes Oscars Nobel P’s (nobly accepted)prizes

awards unrecognised unaccented

their transparency seen instantly

a tall gracious black coated stance

each step a dance each observer entranced

for a man

gentle or grumpy reminders of socks and scarves and things

falling away as unnecessary

as those rainbow drops sliding off his back

alone in a crowd leading tribes or painted

always a touch of proud colour yet those smudged memories


whole worlds collide rushing to appease please receive you

inside rivers rolling iced lands ice cool calm charismatic shivers

ballets pirouettes leaving glitter laden glances

before each performance clapping till trees sore roar encore

you’re beautiful its

too too true

tracing the wholst laughter on curled tiny hand dreams

then further further knocked baptised

ripples roundabouts roaring real tides

beyond borders black outs camps created casinos castles and sand

perhaps they will cease fighting then perhaps

your voice will break will lead their vision

get up stand up

for your rights


rolling down dunes to water rambling turned turning

stopped in the name of love

sea ward greeting oysters unafraid of meetings

social sea spiced spells syllables unspoken


sharks and oysters flamenco frolic indiscriminately

between safe or scary

held hands enjoined

eternally together

within their circles creating whirlpools

all of your own

and more

amongst them there hear

a wave holds you high too charming to let go

till another jealous tide

tugs you there sea


if you were of the world they would love you

but somehow charmed creation

they still do

all that you are

and all you ever have been there

in that reflected fragment there

in that dream sigh

and yet sure

in that bottles bob to top

all the mysteries you’ll ever be entrusted with

in that there curves eye

messages floating up

arriving on each shore

giving just what finding eyes need

and not just what wants demand

I see you salt smelling silent


leaving and

oscillating between continents


Despite myself I wonder unsure

who to ask and how the answers

could ever be distorted enough to touch our tough realm

but boy brother beauty beauty full


how did you get here?

Piranese... how

in every conceptual heavens glory

did earth manage to deserve you

huh? How?

Peace prince pure potentiality be


all you dare dream to be


And dare I dream knowing

cynical dream eyes watch but could not ever touch your glory?

Is it justified to try?to study angelology?


but love needs no justification

Further a father maybe? Hands on made mountains holding

warm safe sanctuary teaching


accepting just accepting growth

spirited for sure holding futures in your arms rocking royalty regal rose thoughts




your patient paces pound through valleys soothe earthquakes

waiting for your hopes your heroes

healing heroines I sure you’ll break

castles fortresses paradigms prices

voices choked chilled

oh so many unbreakable hearts

unintentionally honestly

and surer than the gold light luminating

from your soles

you will heal more hearts than you break and will


accept the worlds praise

this eve of forever


freedom fancying warrior

sky summer eyes

I pray for the princess wherever she dwells

whose dreams this very same instant

await your shines your armour your amore

whose nights anxious expecting your arrival whose

amazed heady heart beat on those days

in time with your breathings

this is maybe

the road to amarillo

sweet marie she waits for me

shalalah lah lah lah


as suprised as I am

that you live


shy unsure offering

faded photos of today turbanned twislings

misty memories only


contributing to who you are

flicker full grown

fore arms and eyebrows

crumpled in laughter


they turn away at your truths

burning brilliant through their illusions yes

they know they have to hear they know

grey suits and boys clubs fade to dust next to sunrises

and perhaps you’re smiles honesty

will stand out on billboards London Beijing to Sydney

forgiving the dirt

and perhaps we’ll feel unexplainable compelled to vote for you

hmm ........and tabloid papers gossip secrets

crumpled unoffending

stuck on a globally gorgefied bathroom wall

reminding you later of then

the roars

parties products contracts paradoxes profundities that Friday morning feeling felt


even now this night your funky so free feet

flying replying to deep desert drum desires

yes you dance well yet

these times some


winds rush all tha visible

in invisibility


and all

disintegrates can barely trace an outline whirlwinds purple pink and red

revolving reliving reviving spectators

in that instant your fire eating juggling djaying

stomping stampedes

erase every cloud

as cutting edge at four

as by the same beats at fourty four

your parties geneous cake

as chocolatey as a christmas breakfast

shared smiling between so many more friends

than you can learn from

prophet person

they treked years to find you to hera you to hoard your hope

teacher they

do not understand your denied status

student you

love them more

or perhaps

pious father your

sincere prayers to jesus will be answered

padre black clad cnfessions forgiven

baren box room lit with laughter candles

your fathers silence resounding

the heaviness of humanities sins overwritten by fierce faith

or equally likely possibly

orange robes rise

bare headed bare hearted hearing

only identical steps grey stone ancients

words engraved revered on a calm mind

your mothers incense rcalled relit

under an eastern sun.

First and last days at university

as present as this present


I will miss you and its irrelevant.

no I could never... noone could ever endeavour ...

to hint at an inch of the people you’ll be

this time story

once upon the specialist of times




no end

twinkling star.

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