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Source: Youngsters

Author: Jonathan Tidy

Title: Scratch and Newton have a wild time

´Well´ said Scratch to Newton ´How do you fancy going off on a bit of an adventure tonight´?

Newton carried on nibbling his carrots and not paying too much attention really.

´A Space Adventure,´ Scratch continued.

´A Space Adventure,´ replied Newton squeakily. ´Now how on earth are we going to manage that?´

Scratch scratched his ears. ´Haha,´ he hopped, ´I´ve found out something about our hutch hugger that you obviously don´t know´.

´I know that it helps us keep cool in the Summer and warm in the winter,´ grunted Newton. ´So what else is there to know?´
´What else,´ said Scratch, ´is that our hugger can fly!´

´Fly? How do you mean fly?´, sniffed Newton.

´You´ve heard of a magic flying carpet haven´t you?´ replied Scratch.

´Yes, my Mum used to tell me bedtime stories about them,´ said Newton

´There you go,´ said Scratch. ´Our hugger is a flying hugger!´

´Well I never,´ said Newton. ´In that case what are we waiting for?´, and they both hopped aboard.

The hugger took off immediately and Scratch and Newton looked down on their garden and their hutch and waved excitedly as they sped on their way. It was just starting to go dark but they could still see the tops of the trees and one or two birds flying past as they headed off on their journey.

´Where are we going?´ asked Newton. Scratch didn´t know. ´I think we will just have to just leave the flying hugger to go where ever it wants.´

´But what if it gets really dark and we can´t see where we are going?´ squealed Newton nervously.

´Oh I hadn´t thought of that,´ Scratch said ´but I´m sure it will be fine as our hugger likes to take care of us and keep us cosy. I´m honestly sure we will be fine.´ He didn´t sound too convincing!

Scratch was right though. The hugger set down in some woods by a stream at a point where lots and lots of lovely fresh dandelion was growing. It was getting quite dark but the moon was shining very brightly. Scratch and Newton started greedily eating their moonlight feast. It was scrumptious. Before long they were joined by one or two other rabbits - but these had very, very long legs. ´Wild hares,´ whispered Scratch knowingly.  And the hares confirmed that that is what they were and offered to show Scratch and Newton round their burrows. ´They are really warm and cosy,´ they said.  Scratch and Newton had never seen inside a burrow and they were quite curious. ´Some other time though,´ said Newton, ´as I really think we will need to go home soon so that our owner can cover our hutch for the night so that we will keep nice and warm too.´ They invited the hares back in return but they hares said they didn´t really fancy trying space travel, well not just yet anyway.

´We will come and see you again´ said Scratch. ´If our flying hugger will bring us that is.´

Then they hopped back aboard and headed off back into the sky. The stars had started twinkling now and they really enjoyed their flight back home. It was quite late when they got back and hopped into their hutch but there was no need to worry because there hugger wrapped itself round the run all on it´s own. ´No problem for a magic flying hugger´ said Scratch. Scratch and Newton thanked the hugger very much for their very first space adventure, and then they fell fast asleep.

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