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Source: Youngsters, Adults

Author: Laura Watson

Title: Down on the farm - who would be a pig

Who would be a pig?

It was a hot sunny day down at Honeysuckle farm. The animals all gathered together to think of idea’s to keep cool.

“We could ask Farmer John if he would let us in the barn” Harold the horse suggested.

“After last time, when you destroyed all the hay?” Liam the Lamb answered rolling his eyes

“We could all go have a swim down at the lake!”Georginagoose cried flapping her wings excitedly

“I can’t swim!” Cassie Cow screeched.

Suddenly a mud ball hit the back of Harold Horse’s head

“What was that?” he yelled almost turning red in anger.

“It came from over there” Georgina Goose cried fluttering her wings and moulting feathers. All the animals looked cautiously over the wall to see Petunia Pig laying in the cool mud and occasionally flinging a lump on herself.

“Oh Hello guys!” she cried noticing the other animals standing around her “what’s wrong?”

The animals glared angrily at her.

“Come on in… the mud’s nice and cool!” Petunia offered moving a little to the side.

“Well I never!” Georgina Goose screeched “And risk dirtying my nice white feathers?”

All the other animals tutted and walked away, muttering:

“Who would be a pig?”


Petunia now feeling a bit embarrassed and upset, sat thinking in the coolness of her mud puddle.

“Who would be a pig?” She repeated over and over again

“Harold is a great and elegant runner, Cassie is a very beautiful and useful cow,Georginahas the most gorgeous white fluffy feathers and Liam is loved so much by the children I’ll do anything to be one of them” she thought sadly “but who would be a pig?”

A small shimmering tear ran down her pink cheeks and landed on the thick sticky mud. She wiped away her tears.

“I can’t stay like this forever… if I am such a horrid creature I must change ” she told herself and climbed to her little trotters and trotted to the pond, mud still hanging from every inch of her. When she reached the pond she jumped in and started splashing and giggling with glee. A near by frog fishing for his dinner heard her loud voice and was now starting to get wet.

“Do you mind?” he croaked in a muffled deep voice

“I’m sorry” Petunia apologised and watched the Frog bounce into the reeds.

“Maybe I could be a frog!” Petunia cried.

She climbed out the water and shook the droplets from her ears. She got down on all fours and started bouncing as high as she could. She was just starting to get the hang of it when Georgina Goose came running from the bushes squawking and screaming

“My eggs!” she cried

“I’m sorry…” Petunia started

“Get out of here you Pig!” she interrupted and ran back to in the bushes

Petunia quietly tiptoed away trying not to be noticed.

“Who would be a pig?” she sobbed. Just then she caught sight of Harold the horse getting ready for his jumps.

“Maybe I would make a better Horse!” Petunia cried

She quickly pulled on a saddle which was way too big for her and made her way through the gate. Before Harold even got a chance to show off in front of his master Petunia was straight in there running to the first gate. The first gate was quite small to be fair but Petunia was not a very big pig and certainly not the best jumper. She ran to the first gate and leapt on top of it. She struggled for a while but managed to pull herself up squealing. Suddenly the gate collapsed underneath her. The Farmers daughter ran out to the grounds and picked up Petunia.

“You shouldn’t be here!” she told Petunia and shooed her off in the pig pen.

“Who would want to be a pig?” Harold grunted and trotted to the second gate which wasn’t broken.

Petunia was now feeling really depressed.

“I can’t give up” Petunia sobbed.

Suddenly a high pitched squeal came from the other pig pen next to her.

She peered over the fence cautiously to see a very handsome boy piglet. She watched him for a while and repeated his actions. She rolled on her back and got completely covered in mud, she struggled out of the fence, sniffed out the best turnips and squealed the loudest when she got caught by the farmer’s daughter. But this time no body came to tell her off. She smiled with glee and threw another mud ball at herself. It wasn’t long until Harold horse came over to lecture her for messing up his jumps.

“Who would be a pig?” he groaned.

Petunia started giggled and answered

“I would, i would be a pig!"

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