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Source: Adults

Author: carl smith

Title: Very Nearly Me

It could be you, it could be me, the same or a different story,

I'll think I'll go for glory and cash in all my penny's.

Should I have a LUCKY RIP or pick my own to win,

or use my LUCKY LOTTERY PEN, or buy an INSTANT BIN.

Decisions, decisions, for six lucky numbers, I need a sign, a vision,

because I've only got a quid, I need some inspiration.

My toes are poking through my shoes, my troubles are just beginning,

all I can think, it has to be ME!!, I can only think of winning.

I find a four leafed clover, so I pick the number four,

I tripped on the thirteenth step, on the way up to my door.

Arthur my cat was dead, so he must have had his nine,

I seen two Magpies having the crack, on next doors washing line.

I counted my chips on my dinner plate, I counted fourty-seven,

it took ten minutes to cook them, they tasted just like heaven.

So I made up my my mind, I've seen all the signs,

I going down the paper shop, to make the jackpot mine.

I filled in my (Lucky clover, fallover, goodbye Arthur, Magpie, chip dip),

I slammed my penny's on the counter, in exchange for my lucky ticket.

I got home and waited for the time of the lottery,

with my ticket in my shaking hand and my eyes glued to the telly.

The signs are looking good, so let the first number hit me,

but it isn't number four, it's bleeding number three.

There's the second number, it's enough to burst my spleen,

it look like number twelve, instead of number thirteen.

Four numbers would be great, four numbers would be fine,

not so great it's numbers eight, instead of number nine.

I'll settle for three numbers please, I really need a tenner,

it's eleven, it's Hell not Heaven, time to burn my lucky heather.

What's this fourty seven and number two, does it matter if they're mine,

and to rub it in the bonus ball, is bleeding number nine.

They can shove the lot that SCAMELOT, with their NATIONAL ROBBERY, maybe it was you this week, it was very nearly me!!!.

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