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Source: Adults

Author: jonny graham

Title: FemaleTrinity Reminiscing .

Peg Mac .

She had a skinhead haircut ,
dyed peroxide white .
A tattoo of King Billy on her arm .
Gang scars all over her shattered body .
She played with knives
and peoples nerves .
Never looked at herself in mirrors .
She said she scared herself .
She scared me shitless .
Her mother was non-existant
and her father was in prison for murder .
Her friends did what she said .
Violence was her method
of making the world understand her point of view .
She raved like a wild animal
and screamed like one too .
She threw a bottle at my head ,
I caught it and threw it back ,
without hesitation .
It missed , we laughed ,
untill the tears ran down our faces .
And she looked
like a child at last .

Kewpie .

I had to climb through the window
because she lost her front door key .
She pushed a bit too hard ,
I fell inside and broke some ornaments.
At two in the morning .
I lay on the floor , laughing .
Before I could open the door , her dad woke up
and thought I was a burglar but
I was so wrecked I couldn't explain .
He was intent on defending himself
'till she shouted that it was ok .
Through the letterbox before the dawning .
Then I managed to let her in ,
and he went back to bed , swearing and yawning .
We laughed so much we collapsed on the floor .
Then we listened to the Clash , sharing the headphones ,
with the lights out , and the doors shut .
And the broken ornaments on the floor
were sharp and cut our skin .

Greeny .

Sang Bowie songs at the top of her voice ,
in the public library , or walking down the street .
Refused to pay on the bus to Glasgow .
We got chucked off .
Hitch-hiked instead .
Played mimick in Argylle Street on Saturdays ,
and allways got caught , deliberately .
Tried to invoke the Devil , on the roof of our church ,
late at night on Halloween in 1977 .
But we discovered
you can't call up the forces of evil
stood on the stairway to heaven.
Pulled the plug on the DJ at Clubs
when the music got a touch too sad .
We jumped the train to Edinburgh
to see her divorced , alchoholic dad .
Walked for miles
with no aim or reason .
In the rain and in the snow .
Right through the night ,
talking non-stop .
It was easy for us ,
we had nowhere to go .

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