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Source: Adults

Author: jonny graham

Title: Gleam .

Wake up !
Dozy headed , drug-addled ,
mother fuckin' bitch .
It's time to scratch you out of my life .
You greaseball .
You irritate me ,
make me itch .

How does it feel
to be strapped in ?
To be drip-fed just enough
to make you mute ?
To stifle the screams that will come .
You are not laughing now
about rope-art bondage ,
are you ?
Now the pinching silky ropes
bite deep ,
and don't seem so cool .

Do you like the little spot-lights ?
Look how the blades gleam
in the body draping beams .
Listen to my steel tipped heels
clicking on the surgical floor .
And you will look .
And you will listen .
As I cut off your eyelids and ears
with deft scalpel strokes
and unwavering precision .
We're not playing games anymore !

You need to be cauterized
with pretty little laser beams .
And in your head and mind
you hear the reverberations
of your own muted screams .
How are you ?
Paralysed now ?
But still feeling all the pain ?

Look at the razor ,
look at the needle .
Be at peace with your terror .
You have no other option .
You cannot look away .

Lets operate .
On you .
While your awake .
Let's get really visceral .
We can expose bits
you've never seen .
I can execute all procedures .
Don't be afraid .
Embrace the pain .
Hidden parts of you
will gleam
in the artificial light amazed .
And you will wish
you'd saved your final heartbeat
for a different rainy day .

This is a cranial saw ,
high-speed ,
reciprocating .
With titanium surgical blade .
Whats wrong ?
Your pupils are dilating .
Can you feel the crunch ?
The inside of your cranium gleams brains .
Do you like the pain ?

Let's visit the edge of death ,
and teeter there a while .
Together in the light ,
on the edge of smother shadows .
Me , a grinning maniac .
And you , with a rictus smile .
One push is all it would take ,
one false move ,
one final mistake .
One salty teardrop ,
in the final minute
of the last dying day .
One sad forgive me
for all you betrayed .

See how your heart beats ,
in my gloved hand .
See how your lungs pulse .
Oh the power of man !
You thought I was random ,
but this was all planned .
And the gleam is now fading
and you will be damned .
I stand before you ,
the master of rope-art ,
surgically condemned ,
and morally banned .

In the rooms of the rusted body ,
where the chinese lanterns gleam .
Suzy Wong is plaiting silky ropes ,
and listening , smiling ,
while you scream .

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