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Source: Youngsters, Adults

Author: Laura Watson

Title: The Rock Still Stood...

Waking up

With quite a scare

I saw a lady

Standing there


By my door

All dressed in black

She said to me

I can’t go back


Confused and scared

I turned around

To find my body

Untouched, unfound.


I asked the woman

‘What’s going on?’

She simply said

'Your heart beats gone.'


‘What? How? Why?’

I spluttered in fear.

She said that I’d

Been ill all year.


Finding this harder

To believe

I calmly told her

‘I cannot leave.’


She bowed her head

Her reaction bleak

‘If you want last words-

You have a week.’


Tucked up in bed

All alone

They found their daughter

Cold as stone


And as I watched,

Death in their eyes.

I watched them gasp

And scream and cry.


Watched my friends

Glance at my seat

With tears drops falling

Secret, discreet.


Watched my teacher

Mark the books

But stop at mine

Unable to look.


Watched their faces.

They heard the news

And took their seats

On churches pews.


Watched my coffin

Slowly appear

And heard the vicar

Loud and clear.


Saw their faces

Heard their prayers

Felt the guilt,

Saw who cares.


But I couldn’t be heard

Couldn’t be seen

For I was dead

At the age of fourteen


Then someone looked over

And smiled at me

How could that happen?

How could that be?


I walked over

His face unknown

He lead me outside

To a gravestone.


I told him my name

And how I had died.

He just smiled and said.

“your still alive.”


A sudden sharp pain

Pulsed through my head

Could it be real?

He talks to the dead?


My head in a mess

I let out a yelp

He gave me his hand

“Do you want help?”


With that the pain

Just went away

And I told him the words

I needed to say


He told me that he

Would pass them on

And with that I left,

And he was gone.


But the rock still stood

through wind and rain

Until time washed

Away my name.

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