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Source: Adults

Author: jonny graham

Title: God is Coming .

God is coming .
And he is bringin' donuts !
Those ones with the jam in the middle .
With the sugary overload .
Yeah man !
Good old God !
Fuck the loaves and fishes deal.
Those days are gone .
Yeah man , way gone !
And He's got a new image too .
No more robes and flowing beardy shit .
Now He's into Gucci and Prada ,
and Dolce and Gabana .
And He's clean shaved too .
And had a hair cut .
And wears slip on shoes !
Awww bruv , I tell you ,
this new God is just too good to be true .
And guess what man ... ?
What bruv ... ?
He's not preaching from no mount of olives no more !
He's got his own channel on satellite tv .
Awww bruv ... that's as sick as fuck !
Yeah man , aint it just ...
And , He's staying at the Ritz , I think ,
with an entourage .
Awww bruv ... bruv ... that's just mint .
And guess what else ...
Parky's coming out of retirement
to do a one off special with Him !
Mate ... mate ... this is too much ,
this bloke God , sounds like one of us .
Yeah ... and He said He will be doing some miracles
and stacks of other fancy tricks .
Did you see the Queen ? , she looked pissed off .
Yeah bruv , and Bush looked a prick !
Yeah , and Runcie shaved his beard off .
And the Pope is wearing designer jeans
and acting like a dick !
Man ... this is just sooooo good !
Bruv ... this is totally sick !
And He's embarking on a scheme
to integrate all religions .
Eh ... ?
And He's disappeared all the drugs
and made alcohol illegal .
Eh ... ?
And He says going to church
is now mandatory for all people .
Eh ... ?
And He says money and possessions
are the root of all evil .
Eh ... ?
And He says sex is now banned
because it makes the mind feeble .
Eh ... ?
Bruv ... that is so tight !
Geezer hides in Heaven for yonks
then comes down here ,
making rules ...
Yeah man ...like what gives him the right ?
Yeah bruv ...let's get on the web ,
and Google up the Devil .
Bollocks to donuts .
Let's fight !

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