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Source: Adults

Author: genia

Title: JOURNEY TO WISDOM - Chapter 1 - MENFER - part 1

Chapter 1


Menfer was the first guide I got in contact with when I first started to channelize from spirit in 1994.

It was a strange day. I had been restless and uneasy all day - and felt something was about to emerge - but what?

It was a Thursday; the last day of my 34th year. It was an ordinary day really except from my uneasiness.

I worked at a nursing home at that time, as an qualified auxiliary nurse. I worked only night-shifts; 7 nights on duty over a two week period and then two weeks off. This was my ‘two weeks off’ period.

I had visited a friend of mine earlier that day but, I felt so uncomfortable in whatever situation that I just wanted to be alone. I left after an hour and was glad to be home in my own company by myself again. I tried to relax with a book but it was impossible, I was too busy in my mind to concentrate on what I was reading, so I started a more physical work instead; clean my flat!

When I had finished I curled myself up in my sofa with a throw over my feet, a cup of coffee and a sandwich. I was ready to let the telly entertain me the rest of the evening so my mind could get some rest.

When the last program had finished for the night, I turned the telly off. The sudden silence sent an empty vacuum into the room that made me uncomfortable again. I was all alone and it was no one ‘out there’ to keep me with company any longer. My mind was working on high speed again with the same pondering question; what’s going on? The silence in the living room became threatening. It was nearly twelve midnight but, I wasn’t tired enough to go to bed.

Suddenly, I got an urge to sit and meditate and I thought ‘why not?’ It was the last day of my 34th year and the beginning of my 35th, so it could be an exciting transition, I smiled to myself. It couldn’t be truer.

It turned out to be a really turning point in my life!

At twelve sharp a strong power lifted my arms and an inner voice told me to find pen and paper and write. I didn’t know what to think or do - I was petrified! What’s going on? Words raged through my mind and I thought I was going mad!

I opened my eyes and stared into the glass door of my book section, it was half dark in my living room. I saw myself in the glass door and thought I saw a face over my head. I closed my eyes immediately and my body shivered; ‘No, Genia, it’s just your imagination’ I mesmerized myself and I started to calm down.

Suddenly the same voice talked to me again and moved my hands; ‘pen and paper...write.’ I froze down my spine; ‘what’s happening?’ I couldn’t ignore it any longer; I had to do something about it. I opened my eyes carefully; ‘please God, help me, don’t let me see the face again’ I begged and glanced at the glass door. Nothing! ‘Oh, thank God.

Anxiously, I rose from the sofa, went into the dining-room and turned on the light. I tumbled around to find pen and paper and sat down. It was a lot of words in my mind that came and went but I couldn’t place it, it was like a jigsaw puzzle. I took the pen in my hand and looked at the paper in front of me; what am I suppose to do, I wondered, and gazed at the pad - waiting.

The strong power got hold of my hand again and the pen started to move by itself in some strange but - fascinating scribbles on the paper. ‘Jesus, Maria - this is weird’ I muttered to myself. I looked paralysed at the pen how it moved around in circles. Suddenly, it stopped. I looked at it, still paralysed. I couldn’t move and my pulse was running wild. Then the pen moved again, very slowly, not in scribbles this time, but in words;

“Dear, Genia. My name is Menfer. I’m your guide...” I was startled; Menfer? My guide? He continued to introduce himself in a gentle and sincere way and with some personal details about myself; I was stunned! The more he wrote, the more impressed I became.

I was a rookie in this field and didn’t know exactly what was going on. I was both excited and scared but I was soon ‘hooked.’ The days that followed was occupied by messages from Menfer, but also drawing.

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