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First Chapters

Source: Adults

Author: Bella Fortuna

Title: SYNOPSIS FOR “THE WITCH REPORT: Adventures of Carmelina”

SYNOPSIS FOR “THE WITCH REPORT: Adventures of Carmelina”

Rules, rules, always rules! Why should I have to do a synopsis just because they demand one? Isn’t my story telling good enough without it? Anyway, there’ll be sin a-plenty since Carmelina is married but not to the man she’s living with. Such is the way of the world. Sometimes I despair of it.

Oh well. If a synopsis is what they want then a synopsis is what they can have. But I’m not giving the game away until the end… otherwise story-telling would fall into disrepute. Then where would people like me be?

So, what will “THE WITCH REPORT: Adventures of Carmelina” be like?

The Scene-setting Part
This story will be a 5* tale of every day life laced with the improbable. Magic is its weltanschauung. Mild sin is included, with subtle juicy bits. It will be attractive to the age range of 12 to 92. The only requirement for its enjoyment is imagination.

The gorgeous Carmelina has ridden off over the lake, with her babe-man, on her broomstick and is banished from the Sisterhood of witches (including the delectable Mumsiellavimta and her new husband, McKinlay) for 3000 blue moons. Or is she? That’s for you to read and find out.

The ‘Who’s In It’ Bit
Carmelina -> she’s the daughter of Mumsie, Supreme Witch. Was she born on the wrong side of the moon, as some in the Sisterhood suggest? Carmelina is young and bright, full of emotions and hormones and such a beauty. Who could possibly resist her? She reads “Cope’s Magick” and such-like in her spare time. She rode her broomstick over Lake Wolfgang with her babe-man, in order to escape marriage to McKinlay. Is she still carrying the torch for Mack?

Mumsie -> her full name is Mumsiellavimta and, as Supreme Witch, she is exceptionally powerful and knowledgeable. Surprisingly, she ended up with McKinlay as her husband, pressured into the marriage by the Sisterhood to protect their reputation. Will it last? Will she ever see Carmelina again?

Mack -> played the field and got caught out. Ended up with Kir Royale dripping off the end of his nose, in the Oxo Tower Restaurant of all places. Never recovered from the shock of it and now walks the streets of London, talking to himself. Will he be re-united with Carmelina?

McKinlay -> probably owns rather a lot of Alaska. Seems to flash his cash about. Got left at the altar when Carmelina left him for the babe-man. Is now married to her mother – how long can it last?

Babe-man (Mark) -> works at the gym in Canary Wharf. Gorgeous, and great at everything sensual, especially kissing and ‘you-know-what’. Does he have a brain, or is he all good looks? How will he keep Carmelina in the money? Will their relationship last longer than the recession? Do redundant bankers go to the gym?

Jereboah -> the blackest, most wonderful wizard who drives London’s 381 bus in his spare time. He drives it like a roller-coaster and smiles a golden smile, whilst the passengers grip tightly. Some are terrified; some have the ride of their lives. It depends on what they’re looking for. Will he assist Carmelina in her adventures (whatever her quest might be)?

Count Ravello -> he’s the founder of the Order of the Blue Moon. The Count is a dark man inhabiting a dark world. All will be revealed - like the Universe and my first chapter – in the fullness of time.

Sam -> she’s the girl-next-door type who trickled the Kir Royale down Mack’s nose. Will she be heard from again?

Dylan -> likes a pretty face and purrfect paws, and to do what a man’s got to do. He’s the most special familiar in the known world, without doubt.

The Writer -> she’s a witch Superior, of the Purple Robe. Without her, there would be no story.

The ‘What’s Going to Happen’?
Well, this is where I won’t follow the rules. If I give everything away, there will be no enjoyment, will there.

Suffice it to say, 3000 blue moons is a very long time to consider hasty actions, yet long enough to change things if you want to.

On average, there is a blue moon every two or three years. Its an extra full moon, and there will be two full moons in December 2009 – on the 2nd and the 31st.

© Bella Fortuna®, April 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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