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Source: Adults

Author: Barry Gee

Title: Chere Julie, dear Jules. (revisited) Part four.

For a history of Jules and Julie search Barry Gee-Stories and scripts-September 2006 and start reading.

21st June.

Dear Jules.

I got your letter this morning and I dont know what to say because it made me really confused and I was confused enough

as it was and I didnt need any more confusion. Your going to have to give me a bit of time to think about it all but right now I

dont want to see you or talk about anything and all I wants is a bit of peace and a good nights sleep because Francois had a

bad night again and he kept me awake and even when he was in my bed he carried on crying. Maybe I’ll take him to the

doctor today and see if I can get something to make him sleep at night.

Sharon came round yesterday and brought a bottle of wine because she thought I might need some cheering up because

she’d heard about what was happening and thought a glass of wine would help. I only had one glass and the next thing I

noticed was the bottle was empty and Sharon went down to the offie to get some more. Sharon drank most of that one as

well but we had a really good afternoon and luckily my mum was looking after Francois so we could really relax. She told

me all the news about her and Keith and how they was trying for a baby and how his window cleaning business had taken

off and he was now employing three people and had to have an accountant to do the books and that sort of thing. He dont

clean windows himself anymore because he got others to do it for him and he’s thinking of getting into property development

what is when you buys houses and does them up and then sells them again and his mate been working on the buildings for

years and says he knows how you can do them up cheap. Keith says the best thing to do is buy a house with a long term

tenant like an old person what you gets for next to nothing because you cant get rid of them because they got a contract or

something that means they can live there for ever and even pass it on to their children if they wants and so the price is really

cheap. Keith says he knows how to get them to leave and then a empty house is worth much more but it sounds a bit

suspicious because why would anyone want to leave a place like that where they cant kick you out and the rent is really low.

He says he will offer them some money to leave but if they wont take that then he knows other ways to get them to leave. I

dont really like the sound of that but he seems to know what he is doing.

Sharons not working because Keith wont let her because he says that he dont want his wife coming home tired in the

evening when she should be there ready with a meal for him when he comes home. She said she liked this in the

beginning but now she’s a bit fed up with it because its the same thing every day and he’s always too tired to go out in the

evenings except when he’s doing some business and then he goes out by himself and it seems to be most evenings that he

does that so she just watches telly because he dont let her go out by herself. She says that she is happy enough and she’s

always got lots of money.

I’ve found a playgroup for Francois and its only two streets away and it seems really good but they dont have a garden so

Francois will be cooped up indoors all morning what is not what he’s used to but I will take him to the park in the afternoon

so that he can run around a bit. I went there this morning with Francois to look at it and I met some of the mothers and they

seems nice but theyre a little bit rough if you knows what I mean. They was all stood around smoking cigarettes and talking

about Coronation Street which is a programme I used to love but I havent watched it since I got back and I got no idea of

whats happening so I couldnt join in so I just stood there and listened and they didnt seem to mind. Then they talked about

tattoos and I noticed that they all had some and even the kids had them though it wasnt real ones done with needles and

stuff and it was just henna or something like that. One little boy who was about the same age as Francois had a tattoo of an

eagle on his head where it had been shaved and another one had snakes on her arms and they looked really good but I

dont think I’m going to get any done on Francois and I’m definitely not going to get his head shaved because he’s got

beautiful hair.

Francois loved it in the park this afternoon and I had a good time as well seeing him so happy and it made me think of the

Chateau and sitting outside eating lunch with squirrels running round and the new peacocks that you bought pecking up the

crumbs by the table and Francois chasing them away. Theres no peacocks here but it makes me think of it. I remembers

that I was happy sometimes when I was there but it seems like such a long time ago that I was. Now I feels really sad

thinking about it what is strange in a way that you can get sad when your thinking about something happy.

My friend from school whose called Heather turned up with Paradise and her and Francois played together really well.

Heather is involved in a couple court cases at the moment where shes trying to get some money from the fathers of her

children who dont pay anything toward their upkeep and shes not asking for much but they denies they are their children

and she has a hard time making ends meet so I lent her a tenner and I wont expect to get it back.

I’m going to watch Coronation Street this evening so I knows what they are talking about at the play group.

After getting your letter I dont know what to say. You says you still loves me and I believes that you does but right now I dont

really love anyone not even myself except for Francois of course. Once I am a bit more myself we can talk about things but

right now I needs some time to get to grips with things and find out what I really wants.

Best wishes to your family.


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