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Source: Adults

Author: jonny graham

Title: Disorder This.

He said he had no future,
stood there in £150 trainers.
Said he had no opportunity
as his mobile rang.
There is no direction in disorder
just headless chickens
protesting and campaigning.
The real kids are where the bullets fly
out there in Afghanistan.

You call that a riot ?
You've got to be fuckin' jokin' !
You aint got much experience of the real world,
have you.
Let's all get down
to some real social choking.

Get organised for fuck sake.
March on Whitehall.
That's where the real trouble makers are at.
Go and protest outside Scotland Yard.
Where improper conduct comes
with scrambled-egg on peaky hats.
Make a scene outside the ministry of immigration.
Let them know that platitudes and mitigation
fly in the face
when they treat us like twats.

Riot my sorry ass !
That was some chavs throwing stuff
and gettin' a bit of stash.
Lightin' a few little fires
and breakin' a bit o' glass.
Just cos they can't get out o' bed of a mornin'
to find a job ( and the jobs are there if they look
but they can't be fuckin' arsed, because the government
makes it easy to be idle).
Remember, while Rome burned
some old fat bastard sat and played the fiddle.

You want to know about real riots, real mayhem, do you ?
Just ask the survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime.
Just ask the survivors of Dachau and Belsen.
Just ask the survivors of The Blitz.
Just ask the survivors of Dresden.
Just ask the survivors of Biafra, of Vietnam,
of Eritrea, of Mayanmar, of Serbia and Croatia,
and a hundred other places down through time.

One is sorry about the people who died.
But shit happens anyway.
On any street,
any day.
Anyway, the Government will do a good job
of brushing it under the parliamentary carpet.
It will all soon be forgotten,
things will return to normal,
because that's what really rules, normality,
society's acceptable face of insanity.
We will never learn.
We are all fools.
Love and peace man...
until the next time.

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