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Source: A Little Helps a Lot! - A short story competition/plot on www.writebuzzschools.com

Author: Laura Watson

Title: The Letter

The rain splashed against the window pane. Trickles of water ran down the cold glass. Susie sighed. She hated rain. Rain was cold, wet, and gloomy. All of Susie’s friends were all busy with homework and studying for tests to play with her. Suddenly the door flung open and Susie’s mum stood in the open doorway clutching a basket full of soggy laundry.

“So much for a sunny forecast!” her mum gasped pushing a mop of black hair out of her face.

Susie pulled herself off the kitchen side. She was really tall for her age. She had long raven hair like her mum which was always wavy. She was still in her school uniform even though school ended three hours ago. She picked up her school bag from the kitchen floor and brought it into the living room. She scooped up a huge pile of papers from the bottom of her bag and opened them up. There were all sorts: Bits of forgotten homework, drawings from class and millions of school letters. She picked up the letter she had received earlier in the day.


Susie’s class was talking about charity earlier. She thought it was a great idea. She quickly rushed to the phone to call her friend Becky and tell her the news.

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