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Neil Marsden

Profile for Neil Marsden

40 something male, living in a 'just remote enough' area of East Yorkshire with my wife and 2 children.

I Have recently removed myself as far away as possible from a 25 yr career in H.M. Prison Forensic Services, having had a head full of humanity in all it's desperate, depraved, and purest evil forms, (and then there were the prisoners!) I now strive towards total peace and tranquility in order to try to repair and restore some level of faith in human nature.

A pro-active survivor of child abuse, I ran away to sea at 15 and, determined to make good of bad situations, I subsequently trained as a Child Crisis Counsellor, assisting young people both within the penal secure systems and private sectors, much of the inspiration for my writing stems from these occupational experiences.

Until a chance encounter opened up the 'Writebuzz'  phenomenon to me, my writing served only to act as a cathartic and highly personal means of unloading the volumes of troubling stuff spinning around in my head. However, having dared to publish a few pieces I was totally stunned and humbled by the reviews of fellow readers, and this alone has rekindled a desire to write new and somewhat less traumatic material... perhaps a new chapter has opened up before me within which I can record the very changes that I seek. 

Regardless of the future, I will always be eternally grateful to 'Writebuzz' and it's members for providing a safe, anonymous and family atmosphere that has enabled me to come out of the literary closet after all these years in hiding.        


A selection of works by Neil Marsden

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Ref Title Author
DL-3616 DEVIL'S ADVOCATE Neil Marsden
Po-3691 FORBIDDEN FRUIT Neil Marsden
Sa-3637 SORRY YOU ARE LEAVING. Neil Marsden
Po-3350 I AM THE SEA Neil Marsden
M-1542 GRAHAM Neil Marsden
M-4981 YOU FREEZE ME OVER Neil Marsden
DL-3437 NIGHT PATROL Neil Marsden
Po-3348 I AM THE NIGHT Neil Marsden

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