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Adam Booth

Profile for Adam Booth

Back to front a fresh Campaign of twisted Shit and Dustcart pain Back in style  and out of place  all done with a smiling face Hello Again Hello Did you enjoy the snow did you enjoy the frozen rain the governmenment got it wrong again Ha! Ha! Forgive me, i am very very Drunkzzzzzzzz.


A selection of works by Adam Booth

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Ref Title Author
L-3940 For A Friend Adam Booth
Po-7572 Smoking in Bed Adam Booth
Po-3862 KIM Adam Booth
Po-2257 Ships(legless) Adam Booth
Po-2371 God bothered Adam Booth
Po-3177 Golden ? Adam Booth
Po-2523 Shortchanged Adam Booth
Po-1927 free speech adam booth
Po-7135 Falling Adam Booth
L-2329 Dirty Devil Adam Booth
Po-1829 angel adam booth
Po-2780 Zealot. Adam Booth
Po-4807 Thanks for nothing Adam Booth
Po-3865 Thanks it was an education Adam Booth
Po-2260 Rant!!! Adam Booth
Po-3999 Common Commentary Adam Booth
Po-4787 4 my 3 Adam Booth
L-2653 3 Minute Madness Adam Booth
Po-2307 Frustration Adam Booth
Po-2470 The soldiers boot. Adam Booth
Po-2604 As Adam Booth
Po-3872 Joans Television Adam Booth
Po-2017 DISCORDS PRAYER Adam Booth
Po-2562 Seeing is Believing Adam Booth

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Po = poetry, P = plots (i.e. sound-bites of current plots), WW = words of wisdom,  etc.

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